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Wejoin barriers possess four technological innovations:
1) Silent operation
2) Clutch unit can be operated manually
3) Intelligent detection
4) Just one second for pole lifting

Six national patents:
1) Decelerating unit
2) Intelligent detection unit
3) Clutch
4) Machine core structure
5) Box with unique surface
6) Pole with unique surface

Wejoin barriers are at the leading edge technologically. Ours were the first
intelligent barriers with manually operable clutch units. In case of a power failure,
just gently open the clutch unit to allow manual pole lifting. The microcomputer
control is adopted for a smart limit unit, requiring no limit switch. When the
pole rises to vertical it will automatically detect the signal and stop running.
Our barriers utilize a special process to effect internal movement. The unique
mechanical construction with electronic high technology allows for free movement
of the pole.

1) Intelligent obstacle return unit: in case of any obstacle during the pole falling
process, the pole will reverse
2) Intelligent infrared photocell unit prevents collisions: if the infrared signal
is interrupted, the pole will reverse if falling
3) Two indicator lights can be connected (220V R&G) :
a) Red light indicates pole movement
b) Green light indicates no pole movement

1) The internal controller is easy to remove, dispose of and maintain. The
system uses a full remote signal transmitting system, which is simple to
2) Easy to debug: full automatic diagnostic function at power on (takes less
than 1 second)

Extended functionality:
1) Loop detector connection: convenient to connect to a loop detector
2) IC card system connection: simple IC card system, simple parking lot
charging system or toll road system
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