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Electronic Instrument: automatic component analyzer.
TH2818 Automatic Component Analyzer
320W240 dot-matrix large graphics LCD display
20 Hz to 300 kHz test frequencies with 10 mHz resolution
Chinese and English language user interface selectable
Frequency response analysis and curve display function
2 different signal source output impedances:30 (Ohms) and 100 (Ohms)
Open, Short, and Load correction functions
10 points list sweep function
Built-in comparator; 10 bins and bin counters
Test signal level monitor function
Automatic level control function for V and I
20 control setting files storage in the internal non-volatile memory
RS-232C, HANDLER(optional) , GPIB(optional) interface
0 V, 1.5 V and 2 V internal DC bias voltage
Capable to operate with TH1773/TH1775external DC bias current source
Optional 110 V(1100 mA) and 1 A internal DC bias source
Optional USB interface and 32 MB USB-Disk