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Automatic Cooking Machine
Item No. : CM0501C-RO1
Voltage: 110-240V Frequency: 50~60Hz
Power: 1250W Motor Power: 6W
Capacity: 3.3L Net weight: 4.8kgs
Power Consumption: 0.02 ~ 0.12 kilowatt-hour/each time.

Advantages of the Automatic Cooking Machine

1. No Cooking Fume
With the original creation of the KSD temperature control technology, the automatic cooking machine will not produce cooking fume during the whole cooking process, not only beautify our environment but also let consumers enjoy much healthier food.

2. Quick and Convenient
You can cook all the food you want, put the main materials (such as vegetable, meat , fish and so on) and flavoring into the wok at the same time, then select the programmer of cooking and press the function button, in generally home-style dishes only need 3 minutes for eating.

3. Easy to Operate
This machine is with automatic cooking function, after putting all the food and flavoring, it will stir-frying when the edible oil to a certain temperature, and solved the tense situation when there are a lot of dishes you need to cook.

4. Delicious and Fresh
By PCB to control the degree of heating, no matter your cooking skills are good or not, you can always make delicious dishes. Moreover, the nutrition will not be destroyed.

5. Save Time and Energy
There are three infrared heaters assembled both at the pot base and the top of the cooking machine, which forms the three-dimensional heating system. With help of this design, the machine can decrease the loss of the heating power, decrease the cooking time half as the traditional one, and even the power consumption is about 40% of normal electric kichen appliance, cooking oil are 1/2 of general cooking.

6. Safe and Secured
Adopting the allinclusive electric heating method, safe and secured.

Characters of Automatic Cooking Machine
1. Vegetables, meat and flavouring can be cooked at the same time.
2. Totally automatic heating controller forming a three-dimensional heating effect.
3. Time-saving and energy-saving, quick and convenient.
4. Healthy and fashionable without any nutrition loss.
5. Tasty and fresh.
6. Can use traditional cooking style.
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