Sell automatic door sensor WB-3003

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Product Features
* It attaches the Microwave Sensor which uses a RF.

* The up-to-date sense which uses Doppler Principle.

* Narrow and wide beam pattern selection funtion.

* Low Cost & Low Power Consumption.

* Suitable for external/Internal automated door.

* The detection angle can be adjusted.

* ABS enclosure with clear view of indicator Led.

Technology & Certification
As the RF microwave sensor module which uses the Doppler principal
which it develops at the domestic beginning patent it made an

Additional Information
1) Microwave Motion Activator (Automatic Door Sensor) is applied to Doppler Radar principle.

2) Able to use in any environment, there is not illegal operation, better ability than existing detector.

3) Small and available size to be able internal/external setting.

4) As high technology standard for WHO innocent to human body.

5) Adjustable detecting distance from 0.0m to 3.0m.

6) Perfect detecting range by detecting angle of 40 degree ~ 160degree is able to detect the person going in and out.

7) Able to stick on the wall.

8) Adjustable detecting Range.

9) The Microwave Motion Activator is developed at the domestic(Korea) beginning product.

We also provide OEM service for our customer with specified outline or specified color and also provide the free service of LOGO print on the Cover of the sensor.