Sell automatic drinking straw bending machine

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This machine is used for producing flexible drinking straw or bending straw from straight drinking straw. The straight straws are supplied in the hopper at the top of machine, passes through 12 sets of converor and 12 sets of needle and 1 sets of shaping wheel, delivery to output conveyor automatically.
1) To make flexible drinking straw from feeding to finished automatically
2) Operating easy by feeding straight straw in the top hopper.
3) Then Straight straws are conveyed one by one into the main drum of the machine and clamped by two mechanical catches
4) As main drum rotates, the straw passes through two rotary dies for die-pressing
5) Compressed with two catches for flexible effect
6) Delivered to output conveyor automatically
7) Main drum always carries 12 straws in successive and different operations