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Detailed Product Description

Self-lubricate technology to prolong wheel usage life, and reduce noise while sliding
Tailor-made wearable rubber for the wheels, ensuring sliding for 320 thousands times without obvious abrasion.
(Optional) Alarm function works while gate is
opened with force or someone try to
climb the gate.
(Optional) The unique infrared collision
avoidance system ensures safety of
passengers and vehicles by running
backwards automatically at a distance
20-25 cm away from a person or an
(Optional) The wind-proof devices ensure that
the gate wheel can resist the attack
of strong wind.
(optional) LED screen which can display English
words, time or 500 characters.
 The first remote control rolling door have double connecting-rod rolling configuration; the type of vertical double integrated inner connection guarantees that connecting-rod can not get out of slot with average press and good linearity.
 Kinds of rolling doors have two-side connecting-rod telescopic structures and vertical double-row integrated articulated type, therefore the button pole can not walk away from the groove with even force and linearity.
 Space between two guide wheels is large that has low gravity center, good stability and strong capacity of anti outside force and wind power.
 Buried type connecting-rod guide slot with skillful technology is perfect.
 Wiring is under downward part that reflects best elegance of door. Convenient use; creditalbe security
 It has long remote control distance that is convenient for drivers without getting off to enter; the guard can remote control gate with making around.
 It can stop working automatically when door meets with barrier.
 Creditable electric insulation avoids risk of electric shock.
Condition of Goods
Minimum Order Quantity
one unit