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Memo:Power supply: DC6V AC220-50/60HZ
Static power expenditure: DC0.5mW / AC2W
Induction range: 30cm
Suitable water pressure: 0.1-0.6MPa /0.1-0.3MPa (the best)
Environmental temperature: 0.1-45
Inlet parameter: G1/2(DN15)
1. water saving: water flows out when your hands approach it and stop immediately once you draw them back, , the water stopping time very short, saving water dramatically.
2. Hygienic: the touchless faucet switches on and off automatically which is convenient hygienic and efficient to avoid bacteria mutual infections.
3. Detection distance adjustable itself: the control unit is microcomputer and its action is control by microcomputer . it can self-set the detection zone according to its working condition.
4. Power: the faucet can be power by AC or DC or AC/DC. It is suitable for world power.
5. Beautiful and elegant: the linear figure is luxurious and elegant. With the parts concealed in the wall, it has been part of integrity of its environment.
6. Low power consumption: 4AA alkaline batteries can be used for 2 years at 300 cycles a day.
7. Convenient to maintain: the build-in flow controller strainer makes maintain easier for people.
8. Character of installation: its concealed in-wall case is super thin which can be installed in thin wall (6cm) .
9. Suitable place: it is suitable for operating rooms in hospital and those places with higher decorative requirements, like hotel and restroom , public places.
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Power Requirements
6V OR 220V