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This machine new beneficial effect is:
This installment causes the product packing the shape to be smooth but not disorder to influence the outlook, moreover cannot have quality problem and so on.

Thus is advantageous for the product transportation and the storage, moreover also enhanced the product scale, because this installment structure is simple, the ease of operation, thus Widely applies in clothing, pillow, cotton-wadded quilt, coat, sponge seat cushion.

At present, the vacuum packing widespread apply on the clothing, the bed and so on, because on clothing and bed thing mainly Makes by spinning and weaving, therefore use vacuum packing reduced volume several times compared to be originally the product, It is advantageous for the product transportation; But The existing vacuum packaging machine dont equipped with leveling installment interior, it will cause the product shape uneven , Appears the crease after vacuum packing, bring in adverse effect. In order to overcome existing technical the insufficiency, this new one equipment with vacuum packaging machine leveling installment.
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