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Name: Without pallet automatic packing machine DSC-450
Item :450
Details: Main functions and structural characteristics:
1. The machine operates easily, with reliable quality and stable performance.
2. With functions of frequency control, stepless speed regulation and double trace can


eliminate the packaging error.
3. Centralization of control is finished by PLC lessen the occurence of fault.
4. The function of shuttle down in fixed position, can efficientlly prevent the burning of


5. Reversing Trace improves the precision of trace, ensures the cuttinf precision, avoid

the waste

of packing material.
6. Without pallet can reduce pollution and also save the cost.

Suitable for the package of biscuit, waffle food and other proucts with the regular


Technical parameters

Model: DSC-450
Film Width: Max.450mm
Product Length: 80-240mm
Product Width: 35-70mm
Product Height: 35-70mm
Film Roll Diameter: Max.320mm
Packing Speed: 30-80bag/min
Power: 220v 50/60Hz 3KW
Dimension: (L) 5000* (W) 960* (H) 1750mm
Machine Quality: 1300kg