Cooperate automatic shoe cover dispenser

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No electrical power is required. Just slightly step into the dispenser, the shoe cover automatically wraps the shoe. It avoid the trouble to change shoes.

The invention of the shoe cover dispenser surely can improve the quality of our daily life and work. It can be widely used in family, model apartment, factory, hospital, hotel, computer room. Laboratory, museum and all other places, which need to be clean.

How to use it?

1) slightly step into the dispenser
2) step to the bottom of the machine
3) slightly move off foot
4) a shoe cover automatically wraps the shoe.

Advantages of the shoe cover dispenser:
1) no need to bend and change shoes
2) no need to clean the floor after guests visit
3) avoid bad smell of feet
4) Avoid the infection of the dermatophytosis
5) Avoid the embarrassement brought by the teared socks
6) Avoid the problem of having no enough slippers for guests

The shoe dispenser machines of natural pattern, such as peach wood, peony, strip wood grain apply Japanese water transfer print technology and Taiwans high quality water transfer membrance. . As nice match for the furnitures and floors, the machines look vivid, natural, and elegant.
Shoe cover dispensers of light blue and light green colour are simple and elegant, suitable for all places.