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It has advantages of non-poisonous, tasteless, non-stimulus reaction, and 100 percent breaking down.

Put out A. B. C. E four types of fire (especially the electric fire) . While putting out fire, the product shows functions of sticky, permeating, insulating and fire-retardant and features of membrane foam. Its distinctive quality is to put out the polarity solvent fire (such as the ethanol fire) .

SD high-efficient Water-Based Extinguisher Series, which is in high rank, it is especially effect in A, B, C type of fire and the type of fire lead by electricity , and it has powerful capability of afterburning protective . And it is the only fire extinguishing agent which can put off the fire type of alcohol in domestic currently , and it can efficiently put off the fire type of hydrocarbon and alcohol. Moreover, it is non-poisonous, tasteless, non-stimulus reaction, harmless toward human being, and 100% biology breaking down.

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Our main prouducts :
1) simple typ water-based(Foam) fire extinguisher-carbon steel and stainless steel 500ML,900ML
2) dry powder series fire extinguishers-carbon steel and stainless steel 1kg,2kg3kg. . . .12kg
3) Portable Water-based(Foam) fire extinguisher-carbon steel and stainless steel 2L,3L,6L,9L
4) Trolly typ water-based(Foam) fire extinguisher-carbon steel 25L
5) SD-AB high-efficient water-based fire extinguishing agent
6) CF series of fire prevention agent
7) fire extinguisher cylinder:stainless steel and carbon steel
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