Sell automobile electronic purifier

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Product description: the product is air purifier in smallest car, taking no space, wireless, tidy and clean. Match negative ion with ozone, to kill bacterium, deodorization, purify air, eliminate smoke and improve air quality in car.
Blue adjustable neon lamp, peaceful and comfortable, quite design.
Ozone is under 0.02PPM, meet America FDA standard (<0.05PPM) , minus ion
one minutes 120'000 ions, strongest in market on it.
Product Size: Long 8cm diameter 3cm
Consumed power: 0.6w
Input voltage: 12v in car
Method of application: input it into hole, light bright show work begin. ~
Cautious time: put it in dry place, do not touch by wet had, do not disassemble personally to avoid shorten longevity.
function of negative ion
Adjust self-discipline nerve; improve immunity; strengthen cecycle system smooth; purify blood; activate cell; speed up metabolism.