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Seat QF7:

->Technical Features:
Seat width 440mm. Steel beam structure.
Unique interlocked backrest cushion design
Press-down aluminum alloy streamline armrest.
Backrest is made by reinforced ABS integral gusset plate. The cushion is made with integral plastic box.
Optional inlaid handle and cup holder and book-holder.
The backrest design and the comfort headrest flank are both made in line with the ergonomics
Optional luxury headrest.
High spring cold foaming sponge.
->Optional Components:
Optional windin safety belt.
Optional table board.
Optional pedal.
Various kinds of legs
we are engaged in the independent development, design, manufacture and sales of all kinds of luxury seats and automobile fittings matched for cars, trains, ships and magnetic suspension trains.
The international popular OEM management method is extensively applied in our company. Sufficiently exerting our unique advantages of aircraft enterprise, we adopt the aluminum die- casting techniques in seat armrest making; and the aluminum alloy profile beam in seat beam making. Above methods not only greatly elevate the seat's resistance against inertial impact load, but also effectively reduce the total cargo weight and produce more economic profit.
The powder magnetic spray coating after galvanization on the fittings surface not only improve the fitting's surface quality and coating adhesion but also elevate the metal's brightness and acid resistance. Thus, it better satisfy the client's requirements for the good presentability and durability of the seats.
The high-pressure cold forming sponge production line introduced from the Bayer Company of Germany ensured the technical parameters including temperature, flow velocity, mixing evenness of sponge forming and guarantee the quality equality of each block of sponge.