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V8 series deploy lock fork with a wider unlockinging, which are used for all kinds of steering wheels with thick leather sleeve in a wider adjustment range.

1. Selection: First, select proper type according to inside diameter of your car. We recommend V8 series for Peugeot 307 and Sail.

2. Adjustment: For first use, loose inter-We recommend V8 series for Peugeot 307 and Sail. hexagonal screw in lock fork with the inner hexagon spanner in attached tools of lock, revolve lock fork, make the distance between lock forks slightly shorter than inside diameter of steering wheel. After proper adjustment, Screw inter-hexagonal screw in lock fork into V-type position in screw rod of lock shackle with inner hexagon spanner, and make sure that it can not be re-adjusted again.

3. Lock car: Hold bar with right hand, and hold lock fork with left hand, spread lock above steering wheel, slightly raise handle to automatically lock. After unlocking, revolve in the direction can fold lock. When unlocking, please put key in keyhole, let stop lever in free condition while turning the key, or slightly raise stop lever, unlocking operation will be easier.

Note: If improper adjustment causes two lock forks to support the steering wheel, and results in difficulty in unlocking. The lock shackle should be pressed with force while turning key, so the lock can be unlocked.
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V8 series
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1000 units
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