Sell automotive led bulb

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1) . Auto LED lamp can save 80% energy, which is consumed by traditional halogen light with same luminous intensity. That is to say, the luminous intensity crated by 1W LED light is equal to 40W produced by traditional light.

2) . Auto LED lamp is more brighter than halogen light and can illuminate longer distance so as to render the driver have wider view. furthermore, the luminous intensity will not fade because of starting vehicle and being on the road.

3) . Auto LED lamp is also characterized by high anti-shock, no mercury, long life(50,000 hours) , fast response, excellent color rendering index and display as point source of light. with this feature, the people can drive cars more safety

1) . All LED used in our products are imported from Taiwan (Epister) and USA (Cree) . we make test strictly before storing into the warehouse. it is not only the guarantee of quality, but also can decrease the possibility of getting more unqualified material so as to increase the output of qualified finished LED lamp at first step.
2) . Connecting SMD LED with PCB board is all done by soldering machine so that it guarantees the accuracy. Under this circumstance, it not only increases productive speed, but also prevents from taking place abnormal things when assembling PCB together later.
3) . As LED is sensitive to weather and easy to absorb water in the air when it is exposed for a long time so it not only influences the lifespan, but also consume more energy because of current leakage. what we do is to bake LED under 60 degree celsius before installation, which guarantee its good condition and reduced unqualified finished products.
4) . our factory has employed ERP system, which is programmed by our software engineer. it is useful to control all process to guarantee the lead time.
5) . Ours team is the best, which is effective, brain-oriented and full of responsibility. Every staff in our company have best attitude to the work concerned and consider the quality and customers requirement to be priority.