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We supply autopsy manual tools kit, used for dissection and anatomise of human bodies. The tools kit include bone saw, blade, plier, scissors, needle and thread, etc. We may also set tools category according to customer's requirement for large order.
EnterotomeThese large scissors are used for opening the intestines. Thebulb-ended blade is inserted into the lumen (the hollow inside) of thegut, and the instrument is smoothly stripped down the length of theintestine. The blunt bulb keeps the internal blade from perforating the gutfrom the inside. Skull chiselAfter scoring the calvarium (the vault-like part of the skull thatholds the brain) with the vibrating saw or hand saw, the chisel is used togently finish the separation of the top of the calvarium from the lowerskull, thus exposing the brain and its coverings (meninges) . Hagedorn needleAlso called the sailmaker's needle, this is a large needle with aneye for sewing up the body after the autopsy is finished. The stitchingis similar to that used on the outer covering of baseballs. Heavytwine, which is much coarser than suture, is used for theprocedure. Rib cuttersThese look like small pruning shears and are used to cut through the ribs prior tolifting off the chest plate. Some prosectors actually use pruning shears from ahardware store, which are much less expensive. ScalpelThis differs from the surgeon's scalpel in having a longer handle for reaching deeperinto body cavities. The disposable blade is usually a #22 size, which is the largest commonlyavailable. Toothed forcepsThe teeth on these "pickups" lend strength in gripping heavy organs for removal. In surgicalpathology, teeth are a liability in that they increase the risk of cross contaminationbetween specimens, so untoothed forceps are used there. ScissorsThese are otherwise unremarkable scissors used for opening hollow organs (such as thegallbladder) and trimming off tissues. They can also be used for blunt dissection by meansof an "opening" motion, rather than the more familiar "closing" motion used in cutting. Bone sawThis hand saw is rarely used today, most often by pathologists whofear infection from aersols thrown up by the much more vigorousvibrating saw (see below) . The hand saw can be used to saw through theskull, but it's very slow-going compared to the vibrating saw.
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