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Name: aweto


Producing area: Qinghai and Tibet (jokul and grassland height above sea level 3500-5000 meters)

Quality , Sapour, channel tropism: sweet, wetness, belong to kidney and lung channel.

Efficacy: moistening the lung and tonifying the kidney, prevention and cure cancers, hemostasia and reduce phlegm, prevent senescence, enhance immunity.

Aplied people: be both applicable for healthful and sub-healthful people. Especially for impotence, spermatorrhoea, haunch and knee atony, cough for along time, bloodysputum, wheeze, phthisical cough, asthenic habitus after illness.

How to take: be infused in liquor, dunk as tea, simmer with chicken or duck, also can be made into pill.

Dosage: infused in liquor use more than 5 grams. Simmer or stew use 3-5 grams.

Aweto is absolutely natural, wild and fresh without any factitious processing.