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Product description

These products use the technology of direct current frequency conversion, it will start to work by the baby cry, and there is timing equipment, it also could be automatic adjust from 1 to 60 minutes, and could be stop automatically; if the baby cry again, the sound of the cry will let the bassinet work again. It all could choose whether play the music or the volume. It could be adjust the wave speed.

work principle
It will start to work by the baby cry, and the wave speed will be changed by the volume of the cry. And when the baby goes to sleep, it will stop work. And It will work again when the baby cry again, will repeat automatically (also could control by hand) .
basic function
1. It could adjust the sensitivity to the cry; make the bassinet start to work according to your need.
2. There is voice distinguish function, basically, it will not receive other low frequency signal.
3. It could adjust the delay time.
4. There are 12 songs can be choose.
5. It could adjust the weave speed and width.
6. It is convenient to use all kinds of the mosquito net, will not affect the work of bassinet.
7. If you take out the inner bassinet, it could be used as the usual bed; if you take out the motor , it could be used as the tool which you could let your baby play in here, and study to walk by support with handrail.