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Specifications for different styles:
1) Style 1: white PE film, leak guard, w/o waistband, refastening tapes
2) Style 2: embossed PE film, with leak guard, w/o waistband, refastening tapes
3) Style 3: breathable cover, with leak guard, with 1 waistband, refastening tapes
4) Style 4: cloth-like cover, with leak guard, with 1/2 waistband, refastening tapes
5) Style 5: cloth-like cover, with leak guard, with 2 waistband, velcro and wet-indicator

1) Cottony non-woven film, natural soft and breathable, makes baby more comfortable
2) Fluff pulp core with SAP, absorbs fluid instantly, makes baby dry and fresh
3) (With or W/O) elastic waistband and standing inner leak guards, efficiently prevent
side leakage
4) Breathable cover (optional, or PE Film) , evacuates moisture and heat, helps
effectively avoid diaper measles
5) Velcro (optional) / refastening tabs, make diaper replacement easier
6) Wetness indicator (optional) , reminds mother to replace diaper in time
7) Absorbent core in aliform shape fits for baby's physiological structure

Standard export shipping packing in concept poly bag of carton and
container: 'Concept' brand:
S: 15pcs/bag
M: 12pcs/bag
L: 10pcs/bag
XL: 8pcs/bag, 20bags/ctn

Big packing:
1) A:
a) S: 48pcs/bag
b) M: 48pcs/bag
c) L: 40pcs/bag
d) XL: 36pcs/bag, 8bags/ctn
2) B:
a) S: 60pcs/bag
b) M: 54pcs/bag
c) L: 48pcs/bag
d) XL: 42pcs/bag, 8bags/ctn
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Lead Time from Order to Shipment
15 days