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Functions: Correct tilted head, prevent over perspiration and crying at night

Pillow Case: 100% ramie fabrics; maintain dry surface with its unique hollow tube structure; effectively inhibit colon bacillus and staphylococcus aureus with naturally contained trace elements of , pyrimidine and purine; remain 99% antibacterial capability after 50 washings, a result confirmed by examinations conducted by Chinese Academy of Science.

Pillow Content: Mengji HerbSemen CassiaeCommon Selfheal SpikeChrysanthemiCommon Lophatherum Herb

Designed with a unique supporting plate structure, standard round particles in the pillow can gather or spread freely. With the shape of the pillow matching the baby head, the head enjoys total support anytime, whatever the babys sleeping posture. Free from external pressure, baby head will benefit from natural growth by using the protective and corrective pillow.
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