Sell balance charger for RC hobby

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1. Preface:
YT-0002S charger is special design for lithium polymer, lithium ion battery from 1 to 3cells by YUNTONG.
2. Characteristics:
2.1. Micro-computer control, high charge efficiency and precision.
2.2. Check 1-3cells good or not automatic.
2.3. Test each cell voltage automatic, and balance charge the battery.
2.4. LED has different colors to indicate difference statues.
2.5. Input voltage is 10-18V, even can use car chargers. The best is 12-17V.
2.6. There is short-circuit and reverse protect of both input and output.
2.7. Output voltage: 1S:4.2V, 2S:8.4V, 3S:12.6V; Output current: 1000mA.
2.8. Can charge 1cell, 2cells, 3cells separateness, even can together charge, if together charge 1S and 2S or 2S and 3s, or 1s and
3s, the charge current is about 500mA or so; if charge 1S, 2S, 3S together charge, the charge current is about 330mA.
2.9. Balance each cell voltage is or less than 50mV.
2.10: Size (thickness x width x length) : 24x72x103mm; weight: 139.5g.
3. Guide line:
4.1. Contact transformer (15V/1.5A or 12V/2A) or car charger to YT-0002S charger DC.
4.2. Contact 1cell, 2cells, 3cells to charger output connector correctly, must be sure positive and negative right.
4.3. LED is orange or red means charging. Charged full LED change to green.
4.4. Full charged when LED change to green, and then 30mins trickle current charging more is better.
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