Sell ball bearing

ball bearing
We are a professional manufacturer in China. Our products include deep groove ball bearing and angular contact ball bearing.

Our factory have 5years experience in deep groove ball bearing and contact ball bearing. We trust we expert in this series, if you interest in the two series, I suppose we can become your faithfully supplier. Hope we can benefit both of us in your market. Our detail products as follows:
1. Deep groove ball bearing: 6004-6030, 6201-6228, 6301-3-6320, include Z, ZZ, RS, 2RS. Ect
2. Angular contact ball bearing: 7000-7030, 7200-7228, 7300-7320. Include A, AC, B, BM. Ect

The above goods if you are interested, our catalogue will be forward without delay.

Welcome to inquiry at home and abroad.