Sell bamboo carpets

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1) Common sizes (width x length) :
a) 120 x 180cm
b) 140 x 200cm
c) 160 x 230cm
d) 170 x 230cm
e) Custom sizes
2) Materials: fine natural bamboo
3) Mat size: various sizes available (as required)
4) Sizes of sticks or slats: various sizes available (as required)
5) Colors: various colors available, such as natural, carbonized (dark / light brown) ,
dyed in red / green / purple / pink / blue / yellow / white / black / gold / bronze /
orange / pink / cream and any required colors)
6) Procedures in production: mothproof, mildewproof, steaming and boiling in very
high temperature, sterilization, and ultraviolet radiation roasting
7) Practicality and decoration: durability, good looking, elegant, ideal choice for
home, office, hotel, restaurant and shop
8) Binding: no binding(more comfortable) .
9) Without any chemical treatment and good for people and environment
10) We can meet any requirements in design, pattern, size and color
11) Backing: (skidproof) non-woven cloth, felt, EVA or gauze fabric / sponge