Sell bamboo flooring BF002

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The advantage of the bamboo floor:

(1) The bamboo floor can devastate the ecological environment, but can protect our
ecological resources better.
Bamboo is one of the quickest plants on the earth, its mature period is very short. We choose the 4-6 years bamboo as raw material, its living period is equivalent one-fifth to the common hardwood. We can make the use of the strong root of rebirth without reseeding, and we adopt innocuous and pure material, therefore, this is an environment-protecting completely.
(2) The bamboo floor is beautiful and elegant.
The bamboo floor completely emerge its peculiar beauty and elegance, it has narural
difference with wood floor that can be seen according its inner motley-colored pattern. Being like the wood floor, the bamboo floor has many color and pattern, too.
(3) The bamboo floor is more stable than wood floor.
The degree of hardness of the architectural material are all meant by HB, the hardness of bamboo could amount to 32 HB which is higher than the Ju wood of 23HB. Therefore, the resistance of attrition is relatively high. The installation of bamboo floor is simple as wood floor , and the maintenance is also very easy.
(4) The bamboo floor is more stable than the wood floor.
The higher density of the floor material is, the stronger of the function of anti-pounds is. The
density of bamboo material is very high , and its anti-pressure is 0.73 gram per cubic centimeter. Like the oak and the wood of JU are 0.67 gram and 0.63 gram per cubic centimeter. Therefore, the bamboo floor compare the wood floor and still want to be stable under the same size.