Sell bamboo flooring

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There are two main types as follow: one is horizontal that with three layers of pressurized bamboo strips totaling 15mm thickness, another is vertical and the thickness is as same as the horizontal one.

All types come in natural and amber colors. The natural color is the color of the bamboo untreated, while the amber color is derived from a steam treatment process called Carbonization that heats the bamboo and gives it a warm, tea-stained color. The amber color is permanent and will not fade or stain out over time.

Prefinished Flooring
Prefinished flooring is lacquered and fully finished for the customer. This 5-coat finish system is providing the wear protection of aluminum oxide with 2 topcoats of anti-scratch polyurethane for easy refinishing and convenient to install. Both natural and carbonized colors are exceptional and unique in style and sentiment.

Unfinished Flooring
Unfinished flooring gives the customer or contractor leeway to finish the flooring as they please according to the demands of the project. Again, this type also comes in both natural and carbonized colors.