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We are a special manufacture of bamboo mat. Such as Bamboo fibers blankets (11 varieties/specifications available)

The blankets are made of 3-4 years nascent natural bamboo, which grows in clean and non-polluted natural environment (Yunnan deep mountains) , by processing of physical method of steaming and boiling, etc.

The characteristics are:

Green products, no pollution and materials from natural plant.
Moisture absorption, air breathing and cool feeling. Each bamboo fiber has special inside structure enables it absorbing moisture and vaporizing moisture rapidly and make you feel cool.
Soft feeling and silky luster as fibres are well treated to be much more thinner than hair and to be smooth and no itchy to skin.
Anti-bacteria and acarid restraining process makes it much more healthier and the chemicals inside can restrain bacteria.
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Guai Guai
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