Sell band pass filter (black glass)

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1. through coating , just infrared pass and absorbing uv and visible light.
2. Optical band-pass filter is a kind if optical elements which can let the specially appointed wavelength light pass but other wave band light cut.
3. Usually we use the UV-light wave band, visible light wave band, close infrared light wave band ( such as 850nm,940nm) , far-infrared light wave band through but other wave band cut (or absorb) , to reach the customers request of the product.
4. In the CCTV industry, it mostly use to restrain the strong light and use with the infrared LED to screen the car license plate in the city road traffic, its advantage is that his image effect is better than commonly OLPF.
5. Specification of defect
Natural of Defect: Effective area
Inclusion/Bubble/Pit: 405mMax
Dust: Can be blew away is acceptable
Scratch :205m Max. In width; Invisible after rotated .
Edge Chips :Max.0.3mm
Memark Inspection environment: With class1000 clean room/class100clean booth and 60W bull lamp and around 15cm to objective with normal net eyes.
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