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This machine( maquina vendaje) is for making and packing of bandage dressings(BANDAID) in common style (19mmx72mm) or special shape (finger tip plaster, Patch strips, Knuckle plaster in size 45mmx51mm,45mmx76mm; 38mmx76mm,50mmx76mm or other sizes as per request) in 4-side sealed tear-open pouch with perforated tear-off edge in between. For common style (19mmx72mm) , there will be one full set of production molds and for special style (Finger Tip and + Patch and Knuckle:45mmx51mm AND 45mmx76mm; 38mmx76mm AND 50mmx76mm) , different kinds of molds are required to packed in 4-side cold sealed pouches with perforated tear-off edge in between. Machine frames are covered with stainless steel and there are coasters under the machines for easy moving inside workshops. The raw materials for these machines are absorbent cotton pad strips, medicated adhesive tape, PVC covering membrames and medical sterilization adhesive papers. These machines need one worker to operate and their production capacity is more than 180 pieces per minute.