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Cowin is an economical, hand tear, self-adhering elastic bandage. It is soft, easy applied, sticks only to itself and allows skin to breath. It can be used in many of the situations where you could use an elastic bandage. It is lighter and more conforming to your shape.

1. Elastic nonwoven substrate
2. Sticks to itself, does not stick to hair, skin, clothing, no pins and clips needed
3. Soft, breathable and comfortable
4. Easy hand tear, no scissors needed
5. Provide light compression, apply properly to avoid cutting circulation
6. Stable and reliable cohesiveness
7. Constant unwinding tension
8. Good tensile strength
9. Competitively priced
10. Neon Color Cowin and Printed Cowin available
11. Compares to 3Ms Coban and Vetrap

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