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1: Practical, innovative new kitchenware item and ideal way to conveniently, efficiently
and uniformly kielbasa, vegetables, and other mealtime favorites!
2: Allow excess fats to drip away during the cooking process and keep a low-fat diet.
3: Self-rotating shish kabob roaster makes you sit back and relax during the cooking
4: Disassembling quickly & easily for dishwasher cleaning as well as for compact,
space-saving storage.


1: Coming with the innovative two-way rotisserie rack with a heavy duty roasting rod,
five shish kabob skewers, and a control box.
2: An all-in-one/First free-standing rotisserie and shish kabob that fits inside your oven or on your barbeque.
3: Ideal for both outdoor grill or indoor oven use.
4: Don't spend 200 dollars or more on rotisserie ovens that take up counter space.
You already have a great oven. Why buy another one?
5: High quality motor deliver smooth workout and able to drive maximum food weight
of 2 (two) KGS.