Sell barrel swivel with safety snap HX-3001

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name: barrel swivel with safety snap, material: spring steel, brass and nickel, specification:size 22, test4kg, size20, test4kg, size18, test5kg, size16, test5kg, size14, test6kg, size12, test7kg, size10, test 8kg, size9, test10kg, size8, test11kg, size7, test12kg, size6, test12kg, size5, test13kg, size4, test15kg, size 3, test17kg, size2, test20kg, size1, test25kg, size1/0, test27kg, size2/0, test27.5kg, size3/0, test28kg, size 4/0, test30kg, size5/0, test32kg, size6/0, test40kg