Sell base map cabinet type: BYD

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specification: according to the base map
technical pameter:(mm)
technical parameter size 0 map size 1 map
outline dimension 1380*940*580 1050*740*580
drawer's inner 1250*900*75 920*700*75
width 940 740
length 1300*layers*135 970*layers*135
height 2240 2240

product description: the base map cabinet is a kind of idler wheel drawer, set with special track for special purpose of file room and library in all communities. the idler wheel drawer that set with special track is appropriate to all the base maps laying for its agility and handiness of deposit and fetch, as well as the level state when the drawer is pulled out. base map specifications include sizes of A0,1 and A2, height of drawer is 10mm, each set with 5 to 15 drawers, while the movable type can be of 20drawers.