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The ptx glove is a basketball training glove that when used will increase the users skill and decrease the users needed practice time. The benefits of using the glove.
Increase in dribbling skills,
Increase in shooting range
Increase in shots off the dribble.
Increase in field goal percentage

The ptx glove features a light weight and durable design that is cosmetically appealing to the 9-19 year old market. While the benefit are appealing to the serious player. The unique weighted feature is mostly responsible for the increase in speed and range. The unique palm arch feature forces the user to handle the ball correctly when shooting and dribbling ensuring finger tip control at all times. As fast as a player masters the fundamental of finger tip control of the basketball while dribbling. The faster the player can dribble. With more control of a speedy dribble the more shots a player can get off the dribble! A skilled shooter shoots the ball with the finger tips. weight on the hand of the shooter makes the shooters hand stronger, ptx glove is weighted and design for finger tip control of the ball at all time.
Supply Capacity
10k pairs per month
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45 days
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labor and materials 1 year