Sell bathroom mirror defogger

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You know the mirrors in the bathroom are easy to be cover with fog or steam , but when our electric mirror defogger is applied to any normal mirror the result is a crystal clear, fog free mirror.
The electric mirror defogger which is widely used in bathroom mirror decoration of hotels, restaurants, villas, service apartments, and residential buildings.
Voltage :12V-24V, 120V-220V
Input power: 2.0-2.5w/dm
Double insulated layers
self-adhesive backing
Average Temperature Rise: 15-18
Thickness: 0.4mm
Safe to use, (CE, UL approval)
Easy to install,
Low cost
Temperature is self-regulating
Other advantages over normal mirror:
Prevents moisture damage to silver coatings
Retains mirror in the place in the event of breakage
Reduces need for cleaning