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ACST8524 bathroom tape is self-adhesive butyl tape with white PE strip backing. The product is pre-shaped and of outstanding waterproof& sealing character. It has good adhesion to many materials, such as concrete, tile, wood, stone, metal, marble. The tape is widely used as bathtub / sink trim, also in kitchen. Any previous caulking will have to be removed and the surface given a good cleaning to remove residue followed by using rubbing alcohol to
remove cleaning residue. It is mildew-resistant and will not crack or discolor. Unlike the caulking sealant to take times to dry, our product will not waste you time in shaping. Just peel the release paper and stick it to the gap. Easy and fast. The more important thing is that the tape will make your bathroom& kitchen more charming, while provides marvelous watertight& sealing performance. We have five size options for your choice. They are width of 12.8mm, 22mm, 38mm, and 62mm. You can choose the best to make your dream-like bathroom& kitchen come true.
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