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1. Application range
Lithium/thionyl chloride cylindrical battery, Energy type, Model ER26500
Manufacturer: Wuhan Haocheng Battery Technology Co. , Ltd
2. Objective
To regulate the performance index and test method of ER26500, as well as guidelines and warnings.
3. Technical parameter
Figure 1
Serial No. Item Trait Remark
Model ER26500
4.1 Rated voltage 3.6V
4.2 Rated capacity 8500mAh Continuous discharging at 4.0mA untill 2.0V end-voltage
(Re. Attached drawing 1)
4.3 Load voltage >=3.1V Load resistance 94(Ohms)
4.4 Operating
temperature range -400~+750 (Re. Attached drawing 2)
4.5 Gas density testing No leakage of electrolyte In normal working condition
4.6 Outside measurements Diameter:26.2mm,
Height: 50.0mm (Re. Attached drawing 3)
4.7 Weight <=53g
4.8 Storage life 10 years (Re. Attached drawing 4)
4.10 Max. constent current 170mA
4.11 Max. pulse curren 340mA
5. Appearance
No cracks, stains, distortion, electrolyte leaking, etc. in cell surface.
6. Technical requirement and performance
6.1 Environment adaptability
Item Test method Criterion
Temperature circulation Set the battery in constant temperature, heat up to 75120 in 30min and keep for 4 hours; then cool down to 20130 in 30min. and keep for 4 hours; finally lower the temperature to 20130 in 30min.
Repeat this circulation for 9 times
No change in battery voltage and capacity; no liquid leakage and distortion.
Low pressure Put the battery into a vacuum case and keep for 6 hours in condition of 20130, 0.07Mpa Without change in battery weight, measurement, open circuit voltage & load voltage, and no electrolyte leaking
Free fall Throw the battery to the cement floor at the height of 1.9m for 10 times, making its side touch the floor Without any change in open circuit voltage and structure; no voltage delayed; little change in capacity and no electrolyte leaking
6.1. 4 Vibration Install the battery on the vibration machine directly or through clamping device; set the swing at 0.75mm, the initial frequency of 10HZ, speed up to 55HZ with 1HZ, and then low down to 10HZ with the same speed in 90min. Without any change in battery open circuit voltage, structure. , weight & capacity; and no electrolyte leaking.
6.2 Security performance
Item Test method Criterion
Force charging Connect the battery of full capacity with 12V direct current in reverse of two poles, making it charge at 20mA for 12 hours Without explosion and fire; no change in outside measurement and weight; no electrolyte leaking
Force discharging Connect the battery of empty capacity with 12V DC power in reverse of the poles; making it discharging with 20mA for 12 hours.
No explosion, no fire; no change in outside measurement and weight; no electrolyte leaking
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