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We are one of the largest factories in China that specialize in belt press & filter press, warmly welcome your any enquiries.

This product features:
1. Using the latest advanced technology, add one more independent concentrated device based on normal type belt press, significantly increased the ability of water removal 8 to 15% lower flocculation consumption with combination of dynamic and static flocculation reactor
2. High working capacity (150% of normal type)
3. Low moisture content of filter cake (10% less than normal type)
4. Low working cost (30% lower than normal type)
5. Frame made of high-quality seamless square steel pipe (10 to 12#) with sandblast and high strength fluorine-carbon finish, makes anti-corrosive ability keep more than 8 years
Main body are made of stainless steel (304) , including main and assistant rollers, fender, flume, waterproof cover, muzzle and sheets
6. High-quality bearing with full airproof bearing seat, available to run more than 3 years
Extrusion and transmission rollers are made of seamless steel pipe with anti-wearing rubber outside, variable to work more than 5 years
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