Sell bentonite-organoclay

bentonite-organoclay You May Also Be Interested In: polyester putty
Application: coating, paint, grease, ink, cosmetics, unsaturated polyester putty, sealant and adhesive.
Replace: Bentone, Claytone and Tixogel.
Packing: 25kg/bag, 700kg/28bags
Please find the below situation:
Our grades Replacement
BP182 Bentone 990
BP-183 Bentone 34
BP-183B Bentone 52
BP-186 Bentone 38(claytone 40)
BP-186B Bentone 38
BP-185 Bentone 27
BP-184 Bentone SD-1(claytone-HY)
BP-186C Bentone SD-3
BP-186D Bentone SD-2(clay- APA)
BP-283 Bentone 57 (clay-2000)
BP-286 Bentone SD-1
BP-500 Bentone 500