Sell bentonite

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The company produces various products from betonite. Betonite is a natural clayey mineral consisting mostly of montmorilonit group minerals (min. 60-70%) . Betonite is characterized as a good binder and absorber, non-toxic and chemically resistant. Due to its qualities, betonite is used in various industries:

- production of cat and pet litter;
- metallurgy;
- oil and chemicals industry;
- agriculture;
- textile industry;
- cosmetics industry;
- production of soap and cleaning/disinfecting products;
- paper production;
- ceramics;
- production of bitumen and asphalt;
- industrial sewerage treatment;
- industrial filter fillings;
- clarification of oil, vine, beer, juice, and other products;
- as a mineral additive for animal fodder and liming of sour soils.