Sell beta carotene

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Appearance: Red brown powder
Spec. :98%
CAS No. : 7235-40-7 ;

Beta-carotene is one of the orange dyes found in most green leaves, and in carrots. When leaves lose their chlorophyll in the fall, carotene is one of the colors left over in the leaf.
Beta carotene is used in foods to provide color (margarine would look as white as shortening without it) . Beta carotene is sometimes added to products for its anti-oxidant effects, to keep fats from going rancid. The body turns it into Vitamin A, and beta carotene is sometimes added to foods or vitamin supplements as a nutrient.
Function: Anti cancer and heart disease; slow the progression of cataracts; prevent macular degeneration; boost Immunity; protect the skin against sunburn; asthma; depression; infertility; parkinsons disease; psoriasis; arthritis; high blood pressure; cervical dysplasia.
Use: food, beverage, supplement, pharmaceutical.