Sell betaine

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Betaine is an important methyl provider , thus greatly improve animal growth at much lower cost.

1. It can, being an efficient methyl supplier, partly take the place of methionine and choline chloride and lower the cost. The effective value of which is 3 times of that of DL-methionine and 1.8 times that of 50% choline chloride.
2. It serves to promote the metabolism of fat and increase the lean meat rate of animals and poultry, thus improving the quality of meat and lowering the ratio of feed against meat.
3. It helps improve the appetite of animals and makes the food more agreeable to the animals, thus an ideal feed to promote the growth rate.
4. It can, being the buffering substance for the violent changes of osmotic pressure, improve the adaptability of young fish and shrimps under such ecological and environmental changes as coldness, hotness and diseases.
5. It helps, by working together with anticoccidiosis medicines, maintain the function of intestines.
6. It is also widely used as an important material for medical or chemical uses.