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Excellent foreign impurity-resistance, suitable for high temperature, high load application.
Toughmet is composed of a couple of layers: metal backing and copper sinter with specific solid lubricants dispersed evenly.
l High load carrying capacity and high temperature durability, good electric conductivity.
l Suitable for reciprocating and oscillating motions and intermittent operation.
l During operation, supplying proper oil will enable bearing performances improved further
Compact design is available due to its thin wall.

Features l High load high temperature durability with electric conductivity
l Superb bearing performances even in cases of reciprocating and oscillating motions and intermittent operation
l Further improved bearing performance with oil based on dual functions of oil being adequately reserved by the sintered copper alloy layer and the solid lubricant contained therein
l Capable of compact design due to thin wall
l Available of a special model, OILES Toughmet L, with stainless back