Sell bidet toilet seat

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bidet is another historical breakthrough following the Disc Repair Machine, it largely improve the personal hygiene in daily life, and it's more convenient to clean the desired area, especially a great aid for the patients suffered from constipation or hemorrhoids, it relieves pain through warm water spray and massages. In our daily family life, it feels clean and refreshed every day.
why you select HESHE?our advantages:
1. Easy installation: attach to toilet and fit all kinds of towel easily.
2. Safe:No electric power connection
3. Clean and massage : the nozzle is adjustable, it can spray the desired area, clean anus and sensitive skins freely and comfortably.
4. self-cleaning:the nozzle has self-cleaning function, and heat up the water when necessary.
5. add anti-bacterial medicine function: It offers a convenient aid for disabled person or the patient suffered from constipation or hemorrhoids.
6. Affordable: cost about half of electric dibets.
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