Sell biodegradable hamburger box

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We mainly manufacture biodegradable products for the food packaging service, with the future of Green Health, Green Envionment , Green Earth firmly within our focus. With the purpose of protecting and improving the environment that we live, we offer a new products reducing the wast and pollution.

After use these biodegrade completely to water, CO2 and compost. The biodegradability of the raw materials is continuously tested and monitored by ISO14855, SGS and other certificates.

Made from 100% bamboo/sugar cane pulp, microwaveble, 100% biodegradable and compostable, with FDA

Disposable tableware
Single use tableware
Green tableware
Paper pulp tableware
pulp mold tableware
Bagasse tableware
Degradable tableware
Biodegradable tableware
take away box

available :450 ml burger box