Sell bismuth telluride (thermoelectric alloy Bi2Te3)

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Thermoelectric alloy Bi2Te3 (bismuth telluride) . This material already can be used for producing of the semi-conductor thermoelectric Bi2Te3 crystals of the n- and p-types. Producer plant is SKILLED LEAD PLANT OF VNIITSVETMET (**VNIITSVETMET is a Eastern Mining and Metallurgical Research Institute for Non-ferrous Metals, Kazakhstan Republic) .
Quantity -2500 kg . (Once)

PVDH- 228.645kg Te-57%. Bi-13.8% Sb-29% (p-type)
PVDH-1- 719.478kg Te-57.4% Bi-14.5% Sb-28% (p-type)
PVEH-1- 14.755kg Te-43%. Bi-51.8% Se-5% (n-type)
PVEH-2- 1224.775kg Te-43% Bi-52.1% Se-4.4% (n-type)
PVDP- 213.73kg Te-57.4% Bi-14% Sb-28.5% (p-type)
PVDP-1- 22.35kg Te-56.8% Bi-14% Sb-29% (p-type)

Every ingot consist own certificate in each Polyethylene packing.
Photo and specification on demand.
After price agreement we will send the samples.
Price: best offer.