Sell black carbon powder grades N-630;642;660;772;774;787

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Sphere of application
1. For rubber-technical industry:
- rubber spare parts for cars;
- rubber for medicine;
- high-durable tires (for aircraft construction) ;
- rubber of particular durability for industrial purposes;
It imparts to rubber mixtures the resistance to untimely vulcanization. It imparts to vulcatizates and other rubber products high durability characteristics under the influence of static and dynamic loadings. It is used in production of particularly durable rubber-technical articles for industrial purposes.
2. For varnish-paint materials and dying of polymers and for perfumery-producing industry:
It ensures the intense black color of dyed materials, the excellent look of coverings as well as the resistance of dyed surfaces to the influence of ultra-violet rays. It is used in production of intensively black varnishes and coverings, artificial fiber, typographical paint, ink (including ink for computer printers) , carbon-paper, tapes for writing machines, for production of mascara in perfumery-producing industry.
Brand Name
black carbon
Supply Capacity
200 tons
Available Colors
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
24 tons
Terms of Payment
Terms of Sale
24 tons