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This stone has many better special functions than any other stone products, besides the general features same as the common stone materials it also has many other special features such as sound absorbing and insulation, heat absorbing and preservation, water absorbing and slide proof, Acid & alkali proof. "Breathing function" etc, and it is called "Functional stone materials" by the specialists in the stone materials line . It can be used safely in any places for its low radiation: and it is wind erosion proof and durable: Its function of sound absorbing and noise lowering is fit for improving the hearing environment: it is natural, primitive simplicity keep off the dizzy light, is fit for improving the visual sense environment; the function of its water absorbing and slide proof is fit for improving the body sense environment; the special function of "breathing" can adjust the air humidity and improve the ecology environment. Therefore this lava stone material meets the new requirements of people to pursue the nature, primitive simplicity and green environment. It can be used widely in the decoration of outer walls for every kind of constructions, paving for municipal roads, square, living districts; it is especially the first choice material for all buildings of ancient imitation European style and Garden building.