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Black pottery was born in the late Neolithic period in China, 4000 years ago, the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River is a masterpiece of primitive culture. Black pottery is the second best after Yangshao culture painted pottery types, known as "the art of soil and fire, strength and beauty of the crystal, " from the world of this ancient civilization are amazing!

Bronze statue rhino, for holding wine, the Western Han Dynasty. Ma Dou Xingping unearthed objects. Are hidden in the Museum of Chinese History. Species for the rhinoceros-shaped body decorated with cattle gorgeous moire flow, stretch, smooth, fine craft, and vivid realism rhino modeling: standing head high, body fat, a feeling bullish. Typhonium mouth there. The ancients said: Typhonium can be good fortune. Full-flow cloud rhino species, there is money patterns, is also set around the original gold decoration. Wealth can bring, is a wonderful work of the Han Dynasty bronze.
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40 x 23