Sell black steel square pipe

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Our company with the production line of 400*400 square and rectangular steel tube and cold bending section steel units, the company mainly produces heavy calibre welded steel tubes which are applied in architecture steel structure such as gymnasium, exhibition hall, coal mine, workshop, textile machinery, etc.

Square pipe:
Standard (GB/T6728-2002)
150x150x(4-10) mm 200x200x(4-14) mm 300x300x(6-16) mm
160x160x(4-12) mm 220x220x(5-14) mm 350x350x(8-16) mm
180x180x(4-12) mm 250x250x(5-16) mm 400x400x(8-16) mm

Rectangular pipe:
Standard (GB/T6728-2002)
100x300x(6-12) mm 200x300x(6-14) mm 250x450x(6-16) mm
150x200x(4-12) mm 200x350x(6-14) mm 250x500x(8-16) mm
150x250x(4-12) mm 200x400x(6-14) mm 300x350x(8-16) mm
150x300x(5-12) mm 250x300x(6-14) mm 300x400x(8-16) mm
150x350x(6-12) mm 250x350x(5-14) mm 300x450x(8-16) mm
200x250x(5-12) mm 250x400x(6-16) mm 300x500x(8-16) mm