Sell black steel wire mesh

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aterials:high quality low carbon steel wire
weaving and characteristics:plain weaving or twill weaving, provide various kinds of wire mesh piece for filtering.
Specification:6-8mesh for plain weave,12*64mesh to 40*200mesh for dutch weave.
Using:mainly used in filtration of rubber industry, plastic industry, oil, chemical industry, grain industry etc.
mesh dia. (bwg) specification weight(kg)
18x18 0.45mm 3'x100' 50.8
20x20 0.35mm 3'x100' 34.1
22x22 0.30mm 3'x100' 27
24x24 0.33mm 3'x100' 36.4
26x26 0.33mm 3'x100' 39.4
28x28 0.30mm 3'x100' 35.1
30x30 0.30mm 3'x100' 37.6
32x32 0.20mm 3'x100' 17.8
34x34 0.22mm 3'x100' 22.9
36x36 0.22mm 3'x100' 24.2
38x38 0.22mm 3'x100' 25.6
40x40 0.20mm 3'x100' 22.3
42x42 0.17mm 3'x100' 16.9
44x44 0.17mm 3'x100' 17.7
46x46 0.17mm 3'x100' 18.5